Upholstery cleaning is amongst the most popular services nowadays and it is easy to see why. Upholstered furniture pieces tend to experience a lot of everyday use and following wear and tear, dirt and some issues. Even if the fabrics around your house, be it curtains, rugs or upholstered furniture seem like pretty clean after your weekly maintenance routine, dust and dirt are often trapped deep down in between the fibres of the fabrics and these are not that easy to be removed without professional help, also they are the reason for allergens and bacteria, which create an unhealthy and unsafe environment in your house or workplace. That is why taking care of all fabrics around the house like carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and maintaining upholstery in great cleanliness is so important.

Upholstery cleaning delivered by experienced professionals

In general, upholstery requires a professional approach, partly because of the fact that everyday dirt can be really stubborn and hard to remove, but mainly because of the fact that fabrics are pretty complex to be sanitised to perfection without causing some damages and imperfections. In this situation, Carpet Wash’s upholstery cleaning service available in Chelsea is your best friend!

Why to choose us for your upholstery cleaning system available in Chelsea?

  • We offer the highest quality! We are trained in advanced and very effective methods and systems for extracting all the dirt, allergens and bacteria while being gentle to the soft and delicate structure of the fabrics and not damaging them. In addition, we add additional long-lasting protection to upholstery and achieve a great colour contrast and a fresh and sparkling clean look. Great and safe sanitising and looking like brand new, what more can you ask for, when you imagine your upholstery cleaned by the professionals?
  • We always have respect for your requirements and needs. Is there trouble spots you are the most concerned about? Don’t worry, because we will pay them special attention. We won’t neglect a square meter, a nook and a corner and will clean everything to pure perfection.
  • We also respect your schedule. We are flexible in working time and offer 24/7 customer care and professional help. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need advice and a battle plan for your upholstery cleaning project. We are the perfect solution for end of tenancy cleaning too! We will visit you at a convenient for you time and will work with a very timely and well-organised manner, so we can also be able to save you a lot of time.
  • Our upholstery cleaning service in Chelsea is completely hassle-free. While we work we always make sure to minimise the disruption to your day-to-day life, or business operations.
  • We offer unbeatable prices that will definitely surprise you how reduced they are. We highly believe that professionalism and first-class quality doesn’t always mean breaking the bank and we would like to prove you that statement!
  • We also believe in honesty and open and clear communication. We hate hidden charges and unexpected expenses as much as you do, so do not expect this from Carpet Wash!

We know that hiring the professionals, no matter the job required, is always a subject of some consideration. We also know that it is hard to find a reliable upholstery cleaning company in Chelsea nowadays. So we want to hear more from you and share with you our values and visions. Call us today!