Every renovation, re-decorating and refurbishment project costs a lot of dirt and dust after. Everyday life is full of accidents that leave their traces in the form of stains and marks and we all have been there once and we all know how hard to remove any stubborn stains could be! Stains are all around us and there is not a lot we can do to prevent them, but we can do a lot to get rid of them on time and stop the annoying ones getting permanent. Dealing with the dirt by yourself is also not that easy and probably not the best idea at all since you don’t have the skills and tools needed for perfect results. Besides being an intensive job, requiring a lot of free time and a lot of energy to spend on, stain removal and cleaning stains and dirt also requires knowledge, skills and special equipment, which, we guess, the normal households don’t possess. Well, what to do in this situation? We at Carpet Wash have a very good option for you and it is our stain removal and cleaning team performing and working in the Chelsea area.

Cleaning services engineered to guarantee best results

Since stain removal is not your usual everyday cleaning routine, neither that easy like a weekly maintenance and care, this service requires a lot of hard work and more intensive skills and knowledge and our cleaners are trained in all these advanced, innovative, efficient and very successful methods and techniques in order to be able to deliver the highest quality. The usual upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning will take care and remove dust and dirt effectively, however when it comes to stain removal, you don’t always need the whole carpet, sofa, rug or mattress cleaned, but more like a local treatment with powerful effect and more efficient methods. Paint splashes and stubborn stains, debris and dust, dirt build-ups, grease, blood and strange odours, these are the reasons for not only messy and cluttered but also unhealthy environment with allergens and bacteria. Only the professional qualified team of Carpet Wash is able to offer thorough and very in-depth sanitising and getting rid of the dirt from all the trouble spots and hard to reach areas, which are often pretty neglected.

100% best cleaning services, products and machines

Our stain removal and cleaning service will take not a lot of time even with the most stubborn and annoying stains and this is another beneficial aspect of our work. Because of the fact we have a lot of experience and knowledge accumulated for the years we work in Chelsea, we are very well-organised and disciplined and know how to approach every situation the most effective way, which will save you a lot of time. After just an hour you will be ready to enjoy your freshly cleaned property! If you still are considering more in-depth treatment for the whole carpet, rug, upholstered furniture piece and even mattress, then be sure to have a look at the massive range of services we offer! Other than that, we customise and tailor our performance to the individual needs and requirements of our Chelsea clients. After discussing with you your expectations and needs, we would be able to offer a task list and plan to fully meet your requirements and so. We believe in clear and honest communication and we will share with you all the opportunities your project has and what is the best for it. In the end, you will be truly impressed with the final results.