Our professional, thorough and precise domestic and commercial cleaning services extend beyond simple basic or deep cleaning. We at Carpet Wash are not limited in knowledge and we are not afraid to be different, innovative and creative. We offer not simply cleaning services limited by the already known and outdated methods and standards, we offer services and maintenance techniques and approached from a new generation. But above that we are offering to our Chelsea clients honest respect to their needs and personal requirements, reliable and professional assistance and a peace of mind that they are living and working in a clean, clutter-free, tidy and healthy indoor environment that boosts their creativity, inspiration, productivity and reduces stress and worries! Thanks to our curiosity, we discovered the best ways to treat carpets, mattresses, rugs, curtains and upholstery properly and to eliminate all sorts of dirt, dust and stains. Adding to this our experience, knowledge and constant drive to improve and get better, we are practically your best cleaning solution possible!