When it comes to the way your home looks, you have high expectations, for sure. Well, this is easy to see why, because after all, your home is your reflection, the way it looks and the way it feels has a large impact on your own mood and spirit and making sure it is tidy, clean and fresh will bring a lot of comfort and joy in your life. At the end of the day, a home is a place for you to relax, enjoy your time, have fun and be with the people you love, your family, your friends, so making sure every square meter, every nook and every corner is the way you like it and you like it clean and clutter-free, for sure, is very important to lift the spirits up and be an inviting and cozy place in general. To achieve that and meet all your high expectations, hiring a professional upholstery cleaning, carpet maintenance and mattress sanitising company is a great idea and a lot of help! Of course, when maintaining the look and the feel of your property, you don’t have to miss any spot and any area, otherwise when single neglected things can ruin the whole appearance of your house. Making sure your home is in perfect condition is, in fact, our job, so be sure to get in touch with Carpet Wash whenever you need professional help in Chelsea without breaking the bank at all!

Brilliant results with no disruption and stress

Part of our home and workplace care and maintenance janitorial services are the rug cleaning services we offer in Chelsea. Rug cleaning provides special care and treatment for both natural materials and man-made materials rugs. Why you need a professional rug cleaning service? Although the rug experts will tell you that a daily vacuuming routine or even taking care on a weekly basis at the weekends is just enough to keep your rug clean and it will be right, rugs, mats and runners also need some professional treatment, not on a daily basis, however once in a while. Rugs and mats tend to collect dirt and dust, the way and amount carpets collect, an amount enough to create an unhealthy environment with time, because of allergens and bacteria. Even if the dirt is not visible on the surface, especially with rugs and textures, which have patterns and specific structures, dust and debris can be collected deep down in between all the fibres. The professional runner, mat and rug cleaning service we offer to all Chelsea domestic and commercial clients is dedicated and designed for removing and perfectly sanitising with a long-lasting effect and protection every square meter of the rug, no matter the material it is made from.

Eco-friendly cleaning for a healthy home

We at Carpet Wash deliver quality, trust, professionalism and attention to every detail and this is offered with every rug cleaning service provided in Chelsea. To achieve the best results possible and impress our clients, we always count on the best and very advanced training in efficient and preserving methods and techniques and also on the innovative and very effective, but not damaging in the same time rug cleaning systems, equipment and products. We offer the highest professionalism and is this is what you want, be sure to call us today!