At Carpet Wash we specialise in end of tenancy cleaning along with taking care of upholstery and making your carpets look amazing and our services are available in Chelsea for both domestic and commercial clients. We work closely with landlords and estate agents to maintain the end of tenancy cleaning checklists, which meet the highest standards in the branch for quality, safety and hygiene required from the industry. We have the right working approach to satisfy your landlord or estate agent with truly flawless final results and help you keep your deposit and move out without any hassle and fuss and we combine this professional and first class quality performance in a very timely manner of work and a lot of discipline and perfect organisation in order to make the moving out process and period lighter and easier for you. You can fully put trust in our qualified and hard-working end of tenancy cleaning team and focus on your priorities while moving out and moving in because we can ensure to keep you away from all the problems, hassle and intensive work!

Dedicated to providing quality, respect and efficiency

There are many companies in Chelsea offering what they claim as a professional and cheap end of tenancy cleaning service. In fact, we are also guaranteeing great results at very reasonable prices. However, make sure you hire a truly professional company with a lot of experience and knowledge since a reliable company is pretty hard to find. Because of the fact that choosing the wrong company may end up like even more charges and unexpected expenses during the process, your best choice is Carpet Wash, because we carry out our job in accordance with the strictest cleaning guidelines and standards and we offer all that at affordable price, which will truly surprise you.

Bringing cleanliness and tidiness in your home

Why do you need a professional end of tenancy cleaning service? Think of it in this light, would you be satisfied to move in an untidy and messy property? We guess not! The same way you have to treat the property you leave. No matter how often you have cleaned it and how well you have maintained it, you will notice the amount of dirt and dust accumulated when moving out and this is completely normal, because even with the best everyday routine, there are still some areas and places you forget about, or you tend to neglect and dirt and mess are accumulated on a daily basis. In addition, most modern tenancy agreements clearly require a professional end of tenancy cleaning service when moving out the property and in order to keep your deposit and save yourself the hassle and the fuss, you better make sure you request some professional help.

Does it have to be expensive? Does it have to be time-consuming in order to be very detailed and thorough? No, not at all and we at Carpet Wash are here to prove that right! We have a lot of respect to your ideas, requirements, schedule and budget and we are ready to offer a great and very efficient treatment to meet your expectations and also the highest expectations of landlords and estate agents! Don’t hesitate to contact us!