Many and many manufacturers and professional cleaning companies are trying to introduce us to the greener cleaning products trend for the last couple of years. And what can we say, when this is one great trend that started to get popular just now, but we hope that it will stay for a while. Most of us know that on a typical cleaning day the amount of dangerous, toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals that are dissolved in the air by the conventional cleaning products we use and then inhaled by us, our families, our co-workers and employees can reach really scary level. In fact, the local standards are even not that strict when it comes to what type of ingredients are used for manufacturing the products and solution we can find on the shelves of any supermarket or department store. There are no specific regulations, or if there are any at all, they are really not that focused on health and safety and how these are affected by the cleaning products we use on a regular basis. Even more than that – we are constantly brainwashed by fancy advertisements and good marketing strategies that the opposite to dirt and bacteria are harsh chemicals and that if we want to enjoy an extra clean healthy and sanitised home, then harsh chemicals are the way to go. This is a bit of a myth because strong and harsh cleaning products are really not equal to healthy environment.

Because of that the gaining more and more popularity green cleaning products that consist of more and more natural ingredients, or at least safer ones for our health, is making us more than happy. We see a bright future in the usage of such safer products and solutions in commercial and residential carpet cleaning, stain removal, upholstery cleaning and a number of professionally delivered services.

Zero res carpet cleaning is a new trend we would like to talk about. It is very simple to understand and see its benefits and advantages – this is the process of cleaning carpets with non-toxic, biodegradable detergents that don’t leave any residue behind. So, zero residues on your attention, ladies and gentlemen! In fact, it is a little-known fact that when the conventional and traditional carpet cleaning methods are used, the chance of toxins remaining after the process for a long time is highly increased. These substances left can be harmful to humans and to pets. The chemicals left by the cleaning agents are also harmful to nature and the environment. And what is even more unpractical and uncomfortable – the remaining toxins and residue are often responsible for attracting even more dirt, dust, bacteria and germs. The dry extraction cleaning method, for example, leaves particles and powder left and trapped deep in between the fibres of the carpet, even when the carpet is vacuumed several times already.

On the other hand, the steam extraction method is a zero res method, which is equally good for the people and for the carpet itself. It consists of a machine injecting specially designed cleaning solutions into the carpet and steams them deep into the fibres. This combination is great for faster breaking down all the bonds between dirt, bacteria and the fibres of the carper and all the dirt, debris and germs are next collected through a powerful vacuum, preventing the collected debris to be spread around in the air. Since the products used for these methods are non-toxic, there is also no dangerous and unhealthy residue left. So that way you can enjoy impressive final results and a carpet in better condition while having the peace of mind for a healthier and safer indoor environment.