How to blinds, drapes and curtain cleaning – it took a while to figure it out how to organise and do it all by yourself, at home and without any professional help. Although curtain cleaning is a very popular professional service, just like carpet and upholstery cleaning, in fact you can achieve the same impressive final results if you know where to start with and how to ensure an effective clean, without causing damages and issues at all.

Silhouette blinds cleaning – many of us try not to be bothered by the fact that curtains, blinds and drapes require special attention too. Many of us try to ignore the fact that curtains and blinds attract and hide a serious amount of dust and dirt and collect all sorts of allergens that are a serious reason for an unhealthy indoor space. We are dusting around, spending the day in washing, rinsing, scrubbing and wiping, but we often forget about the curtains and blinds and the attention they deserve in order to be extra clean and free of dust, to look great, to avoid possible issues and wear and tear and to preserve colours, patterns and texture. In fact, blinds and curtain cleaning is not on the top of our priority lists, neither a mandatory part of our daily, weekly and monthly routine. However, it is still a necessity we have to deal with at some point. It is up to you whether you are going to hire professional help (which is always recommended), or try and attempt that by yourself and achieve an effect that is nothing worse than if your blinds and curtains are treated by the professionals.

Today we are sharing with you the main steps of the process of taking care of a common type of blinds – silhouette blinds. Make sure to follow this easy step-by-step guide and we can guarantee that you will be amazed by the final result and you will enjoy the process in general. Even if they seem like impossible to clean, you can breath new life to silhouette blinds with a few simple things that have been done. Start with removing the silhouette blinds from the window and unroll them fully. Yes, you have to take them down, so you can successfully give them a good and quality clean and this is not hard at all!

If you have any dead buds in your blinds, then you have to get those out first, simply turn the blinds to their side over the bathtub and shake gently – that should drop most of the buds out. For the next step of washing the blinds, you have to pour a small amount of mild cleanser in the bathtub (you can use a mild detergent, a mild dish soap, another type of product that is specially designed for cleaning blinds and curtains, etc., but be sure you are using a mild one, otherwise you risk destroying your blinds). Then fill the bath up a bit with warm water. Use your hands to “move” the blinds a little bit around to release the dirt. If the water gets really dirty, then drain the tub and repeat the process as many times as you need.

Once the water is pretty clear drain the tub once again and fill the tub one more time, but this time only with clear water, so you can get all the soap out of the blinds. Then rinse the blinds one last time with a bath scoop or the showerhead, then leave them in the tub to dry. That is it, really!