Accidents happen. Accidents happen all the time, on a daily basis, in anyone’s house, no matter how cautious you and your family are, no matter how much attention you pay to the details. Accidents happen and there is no need to have young children and pets at home because accidents happen to the adults too. The first reaction to an accident at home, like for example spilt red wine on the carpet, is to panic, but this is not going to help a lot. Because of that, it is a good strategy to be prepared for any situation and to prevent accidents destroying and ruining your carpet/hard floor/curtains/your home in general. Using the right products and having the proper methodology is very important. Because accidents happen all the time and it is important not to prevent them, but it is most important to be able to deal with them properly and to avoid permanent traces left.

According to the scale of accidents, where 1 is equal to a few crumbs from a biscuit fallen on the floor and 10 is equal to red wine spilt on a light-coloured carpet, 12 is for nail varnish that is spilled on the carpet, upholstery pieces and other valuable fabrics around the house and it is often associated with true and already not that quiet panic. But as we have already mentioned – panic is not going to help you at all! Here is what is going to really help and make a difference.

Remove Nail Varnish Stains From Carpets

The most important thing for getting nail polish out of the carpet is acting quickly! The sooner you attach the spill, the better. First things first, you have to get as much of the excess off the carpet as possible. Remember – you don’t have to rub and scrub intensively, because that way nail polish is penetrating through the surface deep down to the fibres and that will make the stain permanent. Instead of rubbing blot gently. If your carpet is light-coloured, then you can fight the stain with a non-acetone remover, but be sure not to pour it directly on the carpet, and pour a few drops on a clean cloth and keep blotting the stain until no colour remains. If you have a dark-coloured or colourful carpet, then you must be very careful, because you are risking removing the dye from the carpet. Instead of non-acetone remover, you can use hairspray or alcohol as a safer option. For more carpet cleaning tips be sure to follow our blog.

Remove Nail Varnish Stains From Fabric or Upholstery

Hot pink nail polish dripping down the side of your lovely and very expensive couch is the scariest picture we can ever imagine! And it is not because of the fact that hot pink is not in this season! Acting quickly, once again, is what is going to save you! When using a nail polish remover on different types of fabrics you have to be completely sure that the remover is not going to ruin the fabric itself. If after treating it with the remover the stain remains there, then try to treat it with hydrogen peroxide and blot very gently. Then apply water with a sponge to remove any residue. Be sure to follow our blog for more upholstery cleaning recommendations.