Oh, this planet would be such a happy and cheerful place, if permanent markers weren’t invented, but they unfortunately are and even more unfortunate than that – they somehow manage to end up in the hands of your toddler more often than you would like. Everyone knows the results of such a pair – messes can be all around your house, even in places that you haven’t expected to exist. Permanent markers can leave their permanent marks on everything you can imagine, not without the help of your artistic child, indeed!

So, if you don’t want to stick with all the avant-garde art your child could possibly create with a permanent marker on your carpet, walls, refrigerator, table, TV screen, etc., then we hope that this article will help you a lot in understanding how to get rid of the permanent stains!

Now take your time to admire the masterpieces of your child and let’s get started!


Surprisingly, but for a permanent marker, there are far too many ways to remove the stains from clothing, which are some good news indeed. You can try and get rid of the stains with the help of rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, aerosol hairspray, nail polish remover, distilled white vinegar, cream of tartar and lemon juice, regular toothpaste and probably a few more we are not aware of. Before treating the stain with some of the above-mentioned ingredients, be sure to place an old towel between the stain and the other side of the clothing item to help you absorb the stain. Use another towel to dab the cleaning product of your choice onto the stain and do not rub.


Aren’t walls the favourite drawing place of all children? Maybe they look like a giant, blank canvas for them? Try aerosol spray, regular toothpaste or lemon essential oil to get rid of the stains and once again – do not rub too harsh!


Treat permanent marker stains on leather furniture very carefully and as soon as possible. Use aerosol spray, sunscreen or distilled white vinegar and blot to remove.

Carpet cleaning

Rubbing alcohol can do wonders when cautiously blotting away a stain left from a marker on your carpet. You can also use distilled white vinegar and aerosol hairspray. Be sure to blot with a damp, clean rug after.

Upholstery cleaning and wood furniture

You can successfully use aerosol hairspray, sunscreen or distilled white vinegar for getting rid of marker stains on upholstery furniture. For wooden furniture, you can rub alcohol, peanut butter and regular toothpaste. Make sure to blot one of the above mentioned onto the stain and let it sit for a moment, then wipe away. When it comes to laminate furniture, dry erase marker is the best and easiest way to get rid of the stains, simply be sure not to use it on high gloss surfaces.


For cleaning glass you can use a regular toothpaste that is mixed with a bit of baking soda, nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.