Today we are sharing with you the most simple, yet most effective way to get rid of the carpet stains and make your carpet look like brand new! If you occasionally hire professional carpet cleaning or stain removal services, then you are most probably not familiar with the popular methods of trough carpet and rug cleaning at home as well as the secret of getting rid of stains by yourself. However, in case it happens sometimes you have to deal with all the nasty and stubborn stains on your beautiful carpet by yourself, then you may have any idea of how to do so. Well, even in that case, we are responsible for sharing the most effective and successful methods for carpet cleaning, this is what this blog is about for and this is what we are going to do today.

Speaking of efficient stain removal and carpet cleaning methods, there is one receipt as old as time that always works wonders, without a doubt and we believe that you need it in your life! No matter what colour or the condition of your carpet is, this home-made miracle stain remover will do wonders and this is guaranteed, so not only all stubborn stains will be gone, but your carpet will look like it has been just installed – fresh and sparkling clean.

Fill an empty spray bottle with 1 part ammonia and 1 part hot water and then spray it directly and liberally on the stain. Lay a clean white towel on the top of the area you just have treated and start ironing away. Within literary what are a few seconds you will start noticing that the stain is transferring from the carpet to the white towel? You can continue repeating the process until the stain is completely gone. You will be amazed how stains that have been on your carpet for a long time, or you think of them as permanent, will transfer to the towel with such ease, this is why we call this stain remover magical, it does real magic for sure!

This is one of the easiest and most efficient methods for carpet stain removal since it even doesn’t require any scrubbing or elbow grease. Who would have ever thought that your iron and a clean and white towel can achieve such amazing results? This method is both appropriate for smaller and bigger stains and it will not affect any area of the carpet, neither make it's colour fade away. So do not be afraid to try this method, it is highly recommended by the professionals (at least if they want to reveal their best-kept secrets), it is efficient and it is completely safe for your carpet, time-proven too. Most of the people are not familiar with it, but once they try it, they can never go back!