At Carpet Wash we are cleaning residential houses, workplaces and commercial premises for the last few years. We know that there are many cleaning companies with a lot more practice than us, however, we believe that our passion and love for our job and our clients are a powerful fuel that drives us forward and to the top very fast, faster than other businesses in Chelsea and other companies in the branch. Never underestimate the power and potential of cleaning business enthusiasts that are extremely passionate and motivated, we say to anyone saying that experience is everything. Well, experience, practice, these are essentials for a business, no matter the area of operation and field of work. However, although we are a pretty young business, we know that we have the needed experience.

The best domestic and commercial cleaning in Chelsea

Even with less practice than the other companies in the branch, we have managed to quickly become one of the Chelsea’s favorite and most preferred cleaning companies for both domestic and commercial projects as well as more specific practices like taking care of upholstery, carpets, rugs, mattresses and more. And we use our experience and the knowledge accumulated not only for boosting our reputation, but also for something way more important than that. We use our experience with thousands of households and industrial clients for learning. Our job and the honest communication with our clients taught us how to improve, how to grow, how to develop, design and deliver the best cleaning services in the area, those services that answer anyone’s specific needs and personal preferences.

We are not following the old and time-proven path, we prefer to be an individual, creative and innovative and that way to find the balance between what is already proven as a successful formula and what the professional cleaning would need to be updated and current. We believe we have found the harmony already and this is the reason each and every client of Carpet Wash to be extremely satisfied and happy after hiring our professional and knowledgeable team of specialists. Because experience and practice are important for building up a successful and good working business, but even more important than that is having a personal and unique approach that can provide the clients with an individual solution to their projects and an individual attitude and answers to their needs and requirements.

Fully vetted and ensured cleaning provider

Meeting your expectations is our main mission. And when you don’t know what to expect from an innovative and one-of-a-kind cleaning service, then we are going to show you how our job has to be done properly – delivering high quality and being consistent, reliable, loyal, trustworthy, full of new and exciting ideas and well-trained. Carpet Wash may be a young cleaning company in Chelsea, but we have the drive and motivation to grow fast, to grow big, to grow the best in our branch. And we do that so we can be helpful enough for our clients and meet their requirements and needs, not for the reputation, neither for the popularity! We would like Carpet Wash to be a synonym of reliability, friendly attitude and respect, we don’t want to be just another cleaning company in Chelsea. You can help us do so! Let us prove to you that business is not a dirty word and business is done by people with honest and clean hearts!